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Teach, Love, Inspire ~ NMHU Graduate

The, single handily, most important trait I find so amazing about teachers is that no one can tell where their influence stops. Teachers are so much more than TEACHERS! They are an advocate, a coach, a comforter, a friend, an influencer, a counselor, an explorer, a lifelong learner, a mediator, and most importantly they are someone who changes lives!

At the beginning of Katy's session she expressed her nerves about the photo shoot (which she killed by the way). As we were shooting, I got to thinking about how nervous I would be to be going into the profession Katy has chosen and has a great passion for. I would be a complete ball of nervous to be a teacher, knowing parents were entrusting me to educate their little ones. While the photo shoot had Katy nervous, I was in my comfort zone behind the camera and I could absolutely tell that Katy will soon be in her comfort zone molding the minds of tiny humans.

It takes a special person to light the fire of knowledge and learning. To raise our children and to raise not only their expectations in life, but the expectations for themselves and to never give up. This is what our teachers strive to accomplish everyday and more! All of us, whether we want to believe it or not, are here because, at some point, somebody did that for us. While I was photographing Katy, I just couldn't help to think that this young woman will be that role model, that driving force, that inspiration, that special someone in numerous children's lives as she enters into her new career. Exciting huh?!

Katy, as you prepare to graduate and step foot in a classroom, always remember you are an influencer. To the world you may just be another teacher, but to your students you are their Hero.

Best Wishes,

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