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My Best {Blessed} Life! 

I hope at the end of reading a little more about me, you feel like you have gained a new friend. 

My camera and my clients are my passion and have been since I decided to open my photography business in December 2010. Along with my business, I have many passions in life. The most important being my husband and three childrend. You probably would never guess how my husband and I met (unless you already know the story.) So my love story goes like this...


It was a beautiful fall day in New Mexico and I was capturing a beautiful wedding for one of my clients. While I was capturing my client's special day, there was the tall, handsome cowboy that was catching my eye throughout the day and night (but I had to remain focused and professional). Towards the end of the night, my beautiful couple had a sparkler sendoff scheduled. I had boxes of sparklers to pass out and this cowboy was sitting nearby with the adorable flower girl. I wanted to test my lighting and set my camera to the proper settings to capture the moment perfectly, so I needed a test shot. I noticed the cowboy and flower girl sitting nearby holding a sparkler and I was able to take my test shot. After that photo was captured, I was focused on the task at hand and in business mode. My first words to this cowboy went something like this... "Here, hand these out."

Not a please, not a hello. Just a demand of this poor soul that happened to be in the right place at the right time. After the sparkler send off, the cowboy was the life of the party and hard not to pay attention to (because of his dance moves and charming looks). As the story goes, the cowboy wanted to speak to me after the wedding, but I made a mad dash to my truck. Well needless to say, the rest is history. 

I guess it's safe to say my photography business has given me so much more than I could have ever imagined. The cowboy became my husband. I am blessed to say that at the exact moment I met my husband, I captured a photo. 

Our very own fairytale wedding was October 14, 2017 and we welcomed our first child into the world on January 11, 2018, Emiliana Lee Baca. Fast forward a few more years and on March 2, 2021 we welcomed our set of twins, Korey and Adalynn Baca. We currently live in a tiny-house, yes you heard it right, A TINY HOUSE. We are blessed to live on a quiet piece of land south of Las Vegas where we enjoy a New Mexico Sunset every evening and look out our window to a pasture of deep, cherry red Santa Gertrudis Cattle. I am a huge animal lover. We own cattle, horses, dogs, and soon will be expanding to chickens and a pony (for Emiliana, of course.) I have a love obsession with the outdoors and love finding the perfect landscapes to pair with each one of my photo shoots. 


This is the exact moment

I met the love of my life! 

I must of kinda liked him from the beginning because I got plenty of photos of him on the night we met!

More About Briana


My Education

~Bachelor in Business Administration from Texas Tech University

~Master of Business Administration from New Mexico Highlands University

~PhD. in Multi-Tasking from the School of Hard-Knocks (If only that was a thing!) 

My Obsession

TURQUOISE. If I could wear it everyday I would. Oh wait... I do! 

Fun Fact About Me

Let's revisit that Tiny House thing because I think this is the funnest thing you should know about me. Myself, with the help of my husband, dad, sister, and some handy subcontractors, built our house. I designed the entire house (with the assistance of an architect backing me up, of course) and it is built from a Silo a.k.a Grain Bin. You can head on over to my Blog page and read the blog collection that documented the whole journey. 

Favorite Food

How could one possibly pick, when food is just heaven on earth. But, if I had to pick it would be anything that has chile from my husband's family farm and ranch. There is nothing like BACA Chile! 

Come over to my tiny house and I will cook you up something! ;) 

My Family

Samson- My loud, outgoing, handsome husband. 

Emiliana- The real boss of the family, my precious & beautiful daughter that I adore and cherish with every fiber in my body!

Korey- My loud and rowdy cowboy who keeps us on our toes every second of the day whom lights up the room.

Adalynn- My quiet, yet demanding little girl who knows how to get her way with anyone with her sweet smile and loud presence.

Cisco and Sierra- Our two family horses who are spoiled to death

Dixie- My first daughter and ruler of the house, my blue-eyed beauty Mini-Australian Shepard.

Bailey- The rambunctious ruler of the yard, full size Australian Shepard that chases anything that moves. 

And my pride and joy since I was born (too many of them to name), herd of Santa Gertrudis Cattle.

"Your story is a journey and


it's an adventure worth capturing!"


Let's Make Our Friendship Official!


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