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What is Senior Photography? | New Mexico Senior | Highlight: Jacqueline, Robertson High School

What is a Senior Portrait?


If you ask ten different seniors in ten different areas, you are likely to get similar yet different responses. If you were to ask past generations, they would tell you they barley remember their senior portraits and the whole process wasn't very exciting. They would put on the same suit or the same dress as others, sit in front of a bare backdrop, smile and done. (I have even seen some class yearbook portraits as a whole, and they even had the same hairstyle!)

Today, it is an entirely different process and the idea of it all can actually be very overwhelming for both parents and kids. I am here to help you through the process and hopefully answer any questions you may have along the way.

When you ask me as a photographer, what is a senior portrait?.... Well my answer may be a little more in depth than my customers response.

Long gone are the days where senior portraits are in a studio, and quite frankly a little cheesy. Photography trends are ever-changing, but celebrating your grad with a senior session will forever be in style. For over 8 years, I have been shooting seniors and it has always been important to me to use natural sunlight and locations rather than a studio, why? Here are my top three reasons why:

1. Natural Lighting- Goodbye studio lights, hello sunlight! Natural lighting is absolutely stunning. I love the look of a naturally well-lit shot that compliments the features and the face of my clients. Shooting outdoors is tricky however in not casting shadows, tinting the skin, etc.

2. Location, Location, Location- When it comes to picking a location we get to get PERSONAL. The location dictates the style and feel for the session. There are always special locations for my clients and we want to definitely consider those options. Locations with meaning behind them will make for photos that will be cherished forever and truly takes the session to the next level!

3. Planning props, makeup, hair, and the perfect outfit- There are so many aspects that go into planning a session. With the creative aspect of an outdoor shoot rather than in studio, my clients are able to make their sessions truly unique with bringing their own props (like horses in this highlighted shoot)!


Senior portraits are about celebrating a life stage. A senior photo session allows a senior to capture a memorable moment of time in their lives through creative, fun, and unique pictures. For many teens, their entire senior year is filled with numerous milestones. A senior's "Senior Year" is about being on the cusp of something great -- their futures, and they will never see the world the way they do right now. Documenting these exact moments with professional photography is one way to ensure that they will never forget who they are, RIGHT now.

A senior portrait session with Bri-lliancy Photography is customized to keep the senior as the priority in expressing their personality, interests, hobbies, style, and character. From the location, to the clothes, to the props... it is all tailored to the senior to make the senior truly about YOU!

Jacqueline, her mother, and her cousin joined in on this spectacular session. Her outfit choices joined together by location and props really told the story of this young lady. The rain postponed out shoot twice, and while it was stormy weather, this cowgirl rocked her session.

Dear Jacqueline,

Thank you for the opportunity to capture these special memories. As we walked on location taking photos, I truly got a sense of the energetic, kind, adventurous soul that lives within you. We talked about your goals in the future; as we did your Mom was beaming with pride. Best wishes to you during your senior year. You are a beautiful inside and out!

(P.S We are going to have to schedule some time to go horseback riding with Spirit and my new mare, Sierra!)


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