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So God Made a Cowgirl...

Have you ever looked at a couple and thought, "Wow, that is an attractive couple?" Now, add in some gorgeous horses and a New Mexico sunset. Well, that folks, equals perfection. It was a February afternoon with above average temperatures, and this sweet couple had to endure a little chilling, northeastern New Mexico winds to capture these stunning images.

Outside of photographing my beautiful clients with picturesque landscapes, it has been a priority of Bri-lliancy Photography to capture raw, unposed moments, but also taking some traditional posed shots. During sessions, I typically bring my trusty sidekick, energetic and fun, handsome self of an assistant, my hubby. During this particular session, he added laughter and put his DJ skills to use playing songs to lightened the mood and added to the picture-perfect moment of this sweet couple two-stepping in the pasture.

During the session with Devin & Daniel, we took time to take a stroll through the river while taking in the sights and smells of the great outdoors. I engaged the couple in moments of reminiscing on sweet memories they have shared, while also asking them to partake in some of my crazy games and questions that create raw, pure emotions and reactions.

To be honest, I think it is possible that I may have enjoyed this session more than this sweet couple. I enjoyed this session for many reason, but one main reason was the similarity in lifestyle. I was able to relate to the couple, by living the similar lifestyle within farming and ranching. I began thinking, if the boots could only tell stories of the places they have been, if we could only see life through the horses eyes, and if the cowboy's hat could share the many life experiences it has endured.

As the couple shared memories of the first time they met and danced to country music, I found my mind wondering on how God made a perfect someone for each of us and how God Made a Cowgirl. Some of you may be thinking, what is this lady talking about? And other's may be thinking about Paul Harvey's speech, So God Made a Farmer. You can read the speech here,

During our session while I had posing, camera settings, and lighting to think about, I began thinking of this particular speech and compiling my own thoughts on the analogies, similarities, and descriptive details behind my thought of the idea that God Made a Cowgirl. After the session, I immediately started processing the session and also was processing ideas, analogies, examples, descriptions that flooded my mind.

So God Made a Cowgirl

By: Briana

with reference to Paul Harvey's Speech, So God Made a Farmer

God looked down on his paradise and knew the cowboy would need a partner, a helper, and a friend to celebrate the journey of life. So God Made a Cowgirl.

God said, I need a woman that will be strong as nails and someone that will remain true to herself. She had to be someone that is fearless when it comes to what lies ahead and enduring when the bad times cross her path. Someone that is graceful and grateful for the good times and the blessings in her life.

So God Made a Cowgirl.

She had to be someone that will rule with an iron first, and just when she thinks she has reached her full potential, will strive for even better. She had to be gentle enough to raise a loving, respectful family with her healing touch and powerful words, but be blunt and bold when tough times come her way. She had to be a woman that is able to work hard during her day job, while coming home to cook, clean, tend to the animals her partner/spouse might not have gotten to because of his very own busy schedule. Someone that is ambitious and resilient, yet slow to judge and understanding within reason. She had to be aware when things must be eliminated in her life that are weighing her down. So God Made a Cowgirl.

She had to be enduring to spend countless hours tending to livestock, broken fences, household affairs, caring for her children, and creating time to spend with the one she loves most. When she thinks her day is done, that's when the headaches of bank statements, homework, and dinner must be completed without protest. So God Made a Cowgirl.

She had to be able to take full responsibility for who she is and her actions, and ambitious to make her own path in life. She had to be independent and never rely on anyone to do a job she can accomplish on her own. She had to be someone that can adapt to change, be resourceful with the materials God has given her. She had to be just as capable of walking in high heels as she is in cowgirl boots and just as proud to wear mud and torn clothing as she is to wear her finest little black dress and makeup to impress. So God Made a Cowgirl.

It had to be someone that is the stable force for a family, that knows the essentials to happiness and believes in Faith, Hope, and Love.

So God Made a Cowgirl.


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