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Bret + Alexandra Dolan | Romantic Cowboy Wedding | Wedding Photographer

Bret and Alexandra met at a women's roping where Bret provided stock. As Best Man, Coy, stated that "from that day forward it was over." Their hobbies and love for the cowboy way of life have been at the center of this couples young life together. Their love for horses, traveling together and simply being with one another enjoying life is what I think many family and friends admire most about them.

Bret & Alexandra tied the knot in front of family and friends at a Golf Resort in Pendaries, New Mexico. The wedding was filled with so much love and laughter. The fall details came to life to create the perfect fall backdrop in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.

From the rust colored bridesmaid dresses, starched jeans and cowboy hats, and the smell of cow hide being branded made for the perfect cowboy wedding. Alex carried a bouquet of roses and sunflowers to tie together her color scheme. Her bridesmaids wore rust toned gowns that paired well with the grey jackets of Bret's groomsmen.

The two shared their vows with the mountain backdrop and as you looked into the crowd there were smiles from ear to ear and a couple of tears of joy being shared. This couple is so kind and have a love for one another that shines bright.

Alex and Bret, thank you for giving me the honor of capturing your day, and I wish you all the best in the years to come as your love continues to grow!

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