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Heart and Determination ~ Marissa Archuleta

Everyone is friends nowadays on Facebook right? Well, I finally met one of my Facebook friends in person and she is every bit of AMAZING! Marissa is graduating next month from Luna Community College from the Nursing Program and will be among the many graduates going on to pursue their career goals and furthering their education.

While we were at Marissa's session, she shared with me that her grandmother actually graduated from the first class of nursing students to graduate from Luna Community College. How cool is that?! She also has a few other relatives that have graduated from LCC Nursing Program. Marissa is as beautiful as she is bright and as strong as she is determined.

Not only could I get a clear picture of this young woman's determination to withstand the cold New Mexico winds, but she came with a stack of her nursing books that showcased her hard work. There was every color of tabs, highlighted areas, and notes in the books that tell the story behind her determination to succeed and put forth the effort that it takes to make her mark on this world.

I absolutely love the interaction I have with my clients at their sessions because I walk away from it all feeling like we are family. And to be honest, we are family. The Bri-lliancy Photography Client Family that I have established relationships with and am forever grateful for each client that allows me the opportunity to capture a moment in their life.

Marissa has big plans and I have no doubt she will conquer and surpass the goals she has set for herself. This young lady has an amazing family that is her support system and now she gained another friend to cheer her on in making her dreams come true.

Dream Big,

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