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Though She Be Little, She Is Fierce! ~ Children Photography

One of the best aspects of my photography business is being able to watch my clients grow. Whether it be one of my bride and groom welcoming a new bundle of joy, or photographing clients over different times in their journey through life. With Miss Mariah, it feels like just yesterday I was photographing her when she was 2 years old, now this beauty is 5!

As a photographer, I get to see outgoing little scraped knee'd girls (like Mariah) turn into elegant high school seniors. Then those high school seniors go out, conquer their dreams and turn into college graduates. Those college graduates then move on to be a bride that I get to capture on their wedding day that they dreamed of since they were that outgoing scraped knee'd little girl! I love what I do and live for the relationships that I have gained through my business.

My biggest hopes for my business is to one day photograph the CHILD of a previous child client! Life is a journey and it's an adventure worth capturing!

Mariah is a bright ray of sunshine on a cloud day, the light at the end of a dark day, and the hope and love our world needs more of!

Just like all my other session, we created variety in location, in lighting, in wardrobe and a story of this little beauty, especially her personality, was shown through her session!

Her personality is out of this world. She spoiled me as a photographer and all I had to do was point and shoot and she did the posing all on her own.

The world is yours for the taking sweetheart!

Shine Bright,

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