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SUNNY days in LOVE!

In typical New Mexico fashion, on the day of this sweet couples session we saw three seasons of weather. As I met up with the couple to drive to location, the rain began to fall, but I knew the rain would clear and we would get our window of gorgeous light (at least I hoped and prayed). I was also hoping for the rainbow after the storm, but we didn’t get that sight.

Cecille and Dalan have to be the cutest. During our couples session, I asked the two to share when they first met with each other while I moved around shooting some pictures. I learned that these two love birds first met back in the 7th grade! I have to brag on this sweet couple for a moment. Most recently, Dr. Cecille Thomas, PT, DPT graduated from the UNM Physical Therapy Program and passed the National Board Exam! This sweet couple celebrated their 7 year anniversary on May 21st. Dalan himself is also currently attending the UNM Physical Therapy Program and will graduate in a few short years.

As Cecille’s sister stated on a recent Facebook post, Cecille is “brilliant, motivated, humble, courageous, beautiful, kind, funny, supportive, compassionate, strong, radiant, detailed, graceful, incredible, authentic, thoughtful, resilient...” Maybe that is why Dalan loves Cecille deeply and his love shines through in these images. I can reflect back to a post I saw by Cecille of Dalan showing up at the doorstep, knocking on the door holding roses, balloons and a Happy Birthday sign.

During the session, Cecille made a sweet comment about her wardrobe and Dalan responded so sweetly, “That’s my girl. I am so proud of you.” I know right, ADORABLE. These two are proud parents to their sweet boy, Sunny. He had the time of his life running through the wet, tall grass and stopped occasionally to give us a smile or two!

Enjoy scrolling through their gallery as much as I enjoyed shooting it.

Cecille and Dalan,

May your love continue to grow and I wish you the best moving forward with all life has to offer you both.


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