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Santa Photos | 2020 | Bri-lliancy Photography

Christmas traditions will look a little different this year!

But, Bri-lliancy Photography does not want your tradition of getting photos with Santa to be one of those you have to go without. Over the past two years we have hosted an amazing in-person Christmas event that we are certainly going to miss, but we have an alternative for you!

While our kids and families might not be able to hop on Santa's lap this year we can still get photos with Santa done with a little twist and creativity. Get your little ones and family dressed up, take a picture and place your order online at Once you place your order send me your photo(s) to with your order name and number. I will work my Christmas magic to transform it into a special memory for you and your loved ones.

You have the option to purchase from 5 amazing portraits from our 2020 Collection.

Buy 1 for $20 | Buy 3 for $49 | Buy Entire Collection (All 5 Options) for $65

So How Do I Order? It's as easy as these 5 steps!

  1. Go to

  2. Click on "Buy My Santa Photos Now"

  3. Select one of the three options to add to your cart

  4. Complete your order and submit

  5. Email me your photo(s)

Your order will then be processed in 1-5 days. Your image(s) will be delivered via email in a custom online gallery. Every order includes digital download of your image(s) to do with as you wish. You have all inclusive rights and copyright release to the photos. You can send to print at your favorite printer, create a priceless Christmas card, share on social media and send to your family and friends.

But wait... It gets better. You are able to print "professional quality" prints from our professional printing company directly from your online gallery that is sent to your email. The prints are ordered from the comfort of your home and mailed straight to your doorstep. You can choose from two print packages or purchase the images individually.

Package Options:

Print Package 1- $30 includes: 4 Wallets, 2 4x6, 2 5x7, and 2 8x10

Print Package 2- $20 includes: 4 Wallets, 1 4x6, 1 5x7, and 1 8x10

Individual Print Options:

4 Wallets-$6 | 4x6-$4 | 5x7-$6 | 8x10-$8 | 11x14-$18 | 16x20-$35

We look forward to creating Christmas memories for you and your loved ones!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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