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New Mexico Engagement Session ~ Davette & James

When asked how these two love birds met, I didn’t get a response I just got a chuckle! I thought to myself, fair enough answer! In August of 2018, James got down on one knee and asked Davette to spend the rest of her life with him and their new journey began from that moment forward. These two are just months away from tying the knot and what better preparation than an engagement session.

These two both come from small northeastern New Mexico towns and wanted something different when it came to their engagement photos. We honed in on the perfect location with white rocks, wilderness and amazing views in San Ysidro, New Mexico. We spent an afternoon soaking in all the wonderful views, enjoying one another's company and most importantly photographing the love these two share. If you notice, there is also a handsome little cowboy in some of these pictures. That is Kayden! He completes this sweet little family and is quit the charmer. He had me on my toes the entire session and had me laughing at his cute, little jokes.

While we shared stories, played a few games, and were completely entertained by Kayden's sense of humor, the photo shoot flew by. In typical, New Mexico fashion we were greeted at the end with a stunning sunset and cotton candy skies! Take a look at this incredible session!

I wish you both a life time of happiness with your little family. I can not wait to capture your special wedding day memories.


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