Let's Create Your Own Christmas Magic!

We can all use a little extra Christmas magic this year! We are here to help and look forward to creating some extra holiday cheer.

Along with our fun, digital Santa photos, we are offering an adorable, custom Cookie Cutter Digital Image. These will take a little extra work, but are so worth it. In this digital image, we can have up to 3 individuals included into the image. Keep in mind, it does not have to be just kids! The digital download image is $45.

So you are probably asking yourself, "How do I take the image(s) to make this happen!? Here are some tips to getting me the images I need to whip up some Christmas magic!

Tip #1

Get a white, tan, grey sheet or maybe you have light colored carpet in your house. Lay the sheet/blanket next to a window or well lite area in your house. (For best results, have the window on your child's right side when they are laying down!)


Tip #2

Lay your kiddo down on the light colored surface and have them lay down with hands and legs out like they are making a snow angel. (If kiddos are old enough to look at the above example that will help!)

Tip #3

Get a chair or step-stool and take the photo directly above your kiddo.You do not have to use a camera, you can use your phone and you will be able to get a great full frame of your kiddo! (iPhone cameras are really great!)

Tip #4

If you want more than one kiddo in the picture, be sure and take the images individually and I will compose them properly. Take all the photos at the same time and spot so lighting is uniformed. (Remember, these don't just have to be for kids!)

Tip #5

Make sure you focus on your subjects face. You do not want to have a blurry image, especially the face.

Tip #6

You can FaceTime me, Zoom Session, or simply call me and I would be more than willing to help! I believe in you and I know there is an inner photographer in all of us!

Here are two examples of the images used on two of these creations you saw above.

So How Do I Order? It's as easy as these 5 steps!

1. Go to www.brilliancyphotography.com/cookiecutter

2. Click on "Buy My Photo Now"

3. Select "Cookie Cutter Digital Image"

4. Complete your order and submit

5. Email me your photo(s)

Your order will then be processed in 1-5 days. Your image(s) will be delivered via email in a custom online gallery. Every order includes digital download of your image(s) to do with as you wish. You will receive a print release to the photos. You can send to print at your favorite printer, create a priceless Christmas card, share on social media and send to your family and friends.

We look forward to creating Christmas memories for you and your loved ones! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

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