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Exceeding Expectations ~ Senior~ Bri-lliancy Photography

Ashley will soon be graduating from Robertson High School with the graduating class of 2019. We took the time photographing this beautiful young lady at The Casteneda Hotel that recently was renovated and is now open for business. While we walked around on location snapping photos, I enjoyed talking to Ashley and mom that attended the photo shoot. We talked about her dreams, her plans, and come fun facts about Ashley!

After The Casteneda Hotel, we strolled through an area in Las Vegas that had beautiful spring blossoms and rich, simplistic backgrounds that brought out Ashley's beauty. This stunning young lady could not take a bad picture even if the New Mexico wind was blowing her hair in her face! I can not get enough of this session and here is why!

From the moment our customers initiate communication with us, or when we reach out to them, we have within our power, an opportunity to create a wonderful experience. It is important to us that each customer feels important because they are! It is essential and a priority to create amazing, long lasting, pleasant experiences and lifelong relationships.

We strive to exceed every clients expectations when it comes to variety, quality, and quantity. While the pricing list gives descriptions of what is included in our packages, we strive to exceed expectations every time. Once again, this session as no exception. We create a gallery with variety not only with the wardrobe changes, but with lighting, composition, location. This is important to us because we don't want the clients to just get basic, we want to deliver great!

Ashley, best wishes as you close one chapter in your amazing life and open another. No doubt, you will exceed the expectations that you have set for yourself!

Sending you best wishes,

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