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Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday Dear Jadyn,

Happy Birthday to you!

This stunning senior is just another example of a Class of 2020 senior that is going through this pandemic during a time that should be the happiest time in her life. During Jadyn's session I learned so much about her and her plans for the future. Maybe this is why my heart weeps for her and so many others during this time. We took time to laugh and her beautiful Mom took time to shed some tears as her baby girl has blossomed into an amazing young lady.

Dear Class of 2020,

As a small business owner who has walked around with so many Class of 2020 Seniors sharing in the joy of senior photo sessions, my heart weeps for you. You were born when the world was grieving over 9/11 and now you are graduating when the world is enduring a pandemic. Although your two biggest launches into freedom (birth and graduation) have taken place in the midst of tragedies...

Just know the world grieves with you. Just know that the world is amazing, loving and a beautiful place waiting to greet you with arms wide open. You are just at the beginning of greatness although right now it is hard to make sense of it all.

You may be thinking this is not fair. You are 100% right, it is not fair. We grieve with you that your senior year is ending this way, but we can't wait to see how you overcome and soar. You were made for this!

You were made to be strong, to persevere, to overcome. You were made to take on life at the most challenging times and come out stronger than most on the other side. You were made to be resilient, tough, and tenacious. You were made to be resistant, unbreakable and able to withstand the storms through the test of time!

While so many things are being taken away from you, I hope with time we will be able to share in some joy. I, as a small business owner, promise to give back to my community by giving seniors the opportunity to take an amazing picture in your cap and gown and even get you dressed up to shine in your Prom attire. Keep an eye out for projects I am working on specifically for you, the Class of 2020!

No matter what lies ahead, do not let anyone or ANYTHING take away from who you are and who you were meant to be!. You were born to soar.


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