Jul 15, 20194 min

Our Silo House ~ A Unique Home in Northern New Mexico

It is finally time to share the "not-so-final" pictures of Our Silo House. I say "not-so-final" because there is still work that will be done on the house, but is that not the story for everyone's home and yard... always working towards making it bigger and better.

We have made it to the "not-so-final" blog post in "Our Silo House" Series and I first want to thank my family, friends, and sub-contractors that helped make this a reality. Special thank you to Alvin Jiron and his work and expertise. Thank you to Juan Baca, Jack Roper, Peter Sena, Marvin Martinez, and so many others that played a role in building our home. Most importantly... Thank you to my dad, my sister, and my husband!

Let's back track and review what got my little family here in the first place.

The summer after I graduated from Texas Tech University with my undergraduate degree, my sister and I were enjoying some precious R&R time, which is extremely rare in our lives. While we were resting, we were watching some of our favorite TV shows, (Fixer Upper and Texas Flip and Move being two of our favs). On one of the programs they were making homes from recycled materials and we saw homes being built out of cargo containers, old airplanes, and a SILO, also known as a Grain Bin! My sister made a joke to me that went like this:


Yes, that was the exact quote that started it all. Now keep in mind, if you don't know the relationship my sister and I have, she was referring to the fact that I am totally country and sometimes can take the COUNTRY factor to a whole other level (cue the country music, torn jeans, and dirty cowgirl boots) and the thought of me living in something like a SILO!

We laughed and joked about the idea, but fast forward another year to the summer 0f 2016 and the idea had never left my mind. I would stay up late at night researching silos and where I could purchase one in order to build my little tiny house. And BINGO, I found one in my price point and the size I was hoping for in Telephone, Texas. I started researching and putting my "proposal" together to pitch to my family, AND THE REST IS HISTORY!

I have outlined the entire building process and more details in the previous Blog posts. If you would like to catch up on the previous 5 parts of the blog, click on over to:

While you enjoy viewing the below images, keep in mind there is still progress being made on the home. Shortly, a full wrap around porch will be added, our silo bar will be completed and of course some major landscaping. On the interior, I am still wishing to purchase a few more decorations as well as furniture pieces. I will be adding a small desk to operate my photography business and will be adding some extra storage spaces throughout the home. I hope you enjoy the beauty that is to follow.

The living room, kitchen, laundry room (under the stairs), and bathroom are all on the first floor and we kept everything farmhouse themed. Of course. I had to purchase all my lovely decorations from my two favorite stores: Magnolia in Waco, Texas and good ol' Hobby Lobby! Take note of those precious "Silo" salt and pepper shakers. Those where made for this house if you ask me!

The bathroom is a beautiful space that ties all of the elements throughout the home together with the white multi-designed tile, the black accents and the beautiful designed black and white towels and decorations.

As you head on up the stairs, the balusters are powder coated solid iron and the handrail and stair treads were made of solid oak. One of my favorite aspects of the home are the three "nichos" that we incorporated on the wall that are highlighted with an LED recessed light in each.

The bedroom is the complete loft area that is spacious and super inviting. We decided to utilize wardrobes rather than building a traditional closet space. This keeps the silo open and spacious. We have Emiliana's corner where we put galvanized cubby spaces for her books, which use to be her momma's golden book collection as a little girl. She loves her books and her precious little stuffed animals. My sister, Krystle re-purposed two pieces of furniture that use to be my mother's furniture when she was a little girl that my sister and I used. Now, Emiliana is blessed to have one as a changing table and one for her clothes.

Below are just a few other tiny details around the home. Our center piece on the roof changes colors and goes to the beat of the music. Emiliana finds is rather amusing.

We certainly had our highs and our lows in the project, but we feel an extra sense of pride and accomplishment in building such a treasure that we will pass down on our farm and ranch for generations to come! As a family, we can now say we built a home and it will forever hold a special place in all of our heart.

We hope you have enjoyed spending some time reading all about Our Silo House! We ask that if you have found this interesting please share on social media to share how special our little home is. Next up.... Our Silo Bar and the Wrap Around porch.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.